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Thread: Any Suggestions for Abdominal Exercise

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    Any Suggestions for Abdominal Exercise


    Heard about this website through some friends and wow, this is fantastic! I'm new to the SCI world and this site seems like such an awesome place to get information.
    Since my accident, almost 7 months ago, I've gained some inches in the waist area. Was wondering if anybody out there had some suggestions on what to do for ab exercises?
    I'm a C6-7 incomplete level injury, in a manual chair with fairly good hand strength. Any suggestions is much appreciated.


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    Hold or strap any size weight thst fit "you" and do Isumretics(sp?) Think about your musle you want toned and do it enery day aor at least three times a day.
    make a thread here on your progress and you will have responses that are like a "workout" partner.

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    If you can manage to get on your hands and knees, you can do what my personal trainer calls "cats n dogs". You start from a neutral position on your hands and knees, trying to look straight ahead. Let your belly just drop, making it look like youre sticking your ass up in the air. You should feel a stretch in your abs (depending on how incomplete you are). Hold it for like a five second count and then concentrate and try to arch your back using as much abs as possible to achieve this. The visual you should have is while still looking straight, try and keep an arched back with your abs as flexed as possible, and now your ass should not be up in the air, but tucked under your waist as if you were thrusting forward with your pelvis. Depending on how much abs you got, you can use your arms to help just enough to complete the motion. I do this for a while and it burns my abs up everytime.
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    Tufel, that's one of the exercises we did in Lamaze class (pregnant).

    It's a yoga thing....we did a lot of yoga in that class.

    here ya go.... complete with pictures:

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    I found an awesome exercise with a medicine ball. I found a 9lb one with a built in handle and its the love of my life hah.

    Find a table, put 1 hand on the table, put the other on the ball and try to lift the ball from the table. I couldn't do it at all at first but then I noticed my abs like spasimed like crazy. I kept doing it and now i can do it easily and you can modify it to work different areas like moving the ball from 1 side of the table to the other without letting go it really works your abs.

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    Hi AW.......bummer to be one of us, not the kind of club one grows up wishing to join. Having said that, welcome to CC, and yes, we will help you in anyway possible as Hunker stated. As for getting started with your ab workouts, what these folks have suggested are great, 'cause Im gonna try them myself . Been doing the cat-dog pose, but the others are gonna get a trial. What I did after i got home from the hospital, was to take a strap, and tied it off at the bottom of my bed, and tried doing sit-ups, using as much of my abs as possible,and pulling on the strap to bring me to a sitting position. Then I would use my abs to try to control the desent back to the mattress. At T 7/8 inc., I can now do sit-ups without any assistance. Hope this will help you, good luck!!.......John

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    What did you use for a strap?

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    I think I bought it from Power Systems,inc. Its about $11. It has several loops in it, useful for handgrabs when first starting out. It took me about a year to finally do a sit-up.

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    How many times / sets a day / week did you do?

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    I kinda had to start out slow since I was WAY out of shape. I did 10ct/set. Would do 3 sets/day. Progressed from there all the way to 50ct/set...3 sets/day. When I got to Woodrow Wilson RC, PT added weighted ball to sit ups instead of using the strap....using the weight to bring me forward. This weight was around 11lbs. The weight has been reduced over several months to where I can do sit ups without any help. I use the 500gr ball in left hand time to time because my body has a tendancy to "twist" to the left. Using the ball helps to bring the left side up even with the right. I hope this helps....John

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