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Thread: Bowel Program - ARGH!

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    Bowel Program - ARGH!

    Ok, I know everyone is different, but just how do you get your body to go ONLY while you are doing you rbowel program?

    My brother Dennis C5/6, 8 months post, does his BP every morning and AT LEAST every other day has AT LEAST one accident a day. He uses enemeez, magic bullet seemed too strong for his system, takes senecot every day, sometimes uses lactolose, is not impacted - he was about 2 months ago, not now. He drinks lots of water, juice, etc. Eats a relatively bland diet.

    He is missing days on therapy a week b/c he does not want to have an accident while there. Is he destined to live his life this way? How can it change?

    We are all desperate for help....

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    Meg -- Why does Dennis need the Lactulose? This is probably throwing him off schedule. Why the bland diet? Do you think he gets enough fiber in his diet? It is recommended to take in 20-30 grams a day if he can tolerate it. Drinking lots of fluids, doing his bowel program upright on the commode at the same time every day, and stool softeners like Docusate Sodium help.

    He needs to make one change at a time. He needs to look at all factors that are causing the breakthrough accidents. Does he use a suppository? Do digital stimulation? Do one more clean sweep of the rectal cavity before finishing his bowel program? How long is it taking him to evacuate completely? You might also want to check out previous threads as we have talked about this topic on many occasions. Thanks. PLG

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    are enemeez the same as thera vac? i always had accidents with them, when my bowels were much worse and neurogenic.

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    Yes, enemeez is similar to theravac in its application and results. Supposed to produce a quicker bowel evacuation. Still recommend removing one thing on the bowel program at a time. Would start with the Lactulose unless he needs it due to liver dysfunction. PLG

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    Can somebody please tell me what a bowelprogram is? Well, I understand the meaning but how to do it?

    I go to the toilet every now and then, maybe once a week and I have enough accidents to feel bad about it. It has been the same for 35 years. I can't take any pills because then I have accidents for three days after.

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    Cutting out the senecot helped me. His body is still adjusting too.

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    What exactly is neurogenic bowel?

    Metronyguy - do you use any type of suppository?

    We are such novices at this and my parents are his primary caregivers - they follow doctors orders to a T - she suggested all of these things - in fact she just upped the Sennacot.

    How do you know when to 'risk' not following the doctors' orders and wing it?

    He has had lots of trouble with both very high and very low blood pressure - I think my parents are afraid to change things that may mess with that.

    He does his program same time every day in his commode chair - it usually takes about an hour.

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    meg , i have cauda equina , which is damage to the perpihal nerves , so my bowel problems may have been quite different than a c5 injury..
    i just remember the therevac, and my bowels are about 95% under my control now.
    the sci nurse has the good info...

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    I'm also C5/6. I do my program every other day AFTER my shower but still in my shower chair. Doing it afterward helps with blood pressure problems that occur when I'm done. (My pressure is low enough to make showering afterward very unpleasant.) I use dig stim only. No suppositories, no stool softener, no Lactulose. I eat a regular diet but have increased my fiber intake (Metamucil) since I began taking Ditropan XL last fall. The length of my program varies, but I do not stop until the glove has been "clean" for several minutes. This ensures that nothing is en route. The ONLY time I have accidents is when I've been sick, which is rare. I hope this helps.

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    Skip the metamucil and have him eat a big bowl of shredded wheat or frosted mini-wheats for works much better


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