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Thread: Pumping Gas

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    Pumping Gas

    This continues to be a real obstacle for me. Most gas stations here are self serve. My gas cap is on the drivers side so I am unablew to do it myself. I believe the law calls for them to pump gas for the disabled if more than one person is on duty. The problem is getting the attention of the attendant on duty. If I can accomplish that then I have to wait until they have free time in between customers in the store .... which in some cases has been a considerable wait of 20 minutes or more. There has to be a better way.

    How do others here do it?

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    i send my secretary. lol. rep
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    Con my friends into doing it or ask someone else at the gas station if they would mind helping me out. Mostly I just pick up a friend and then go "oh oops It looks like I need some gas before we head to ________ .. Would you mind?" Or if its one of my really good friends I call em up and say "hey holmes I need gas!" then pick em up and they'll pump it for me. Try asking random people. Pick the ones who don't look like they're having a bad day and you'll be OK
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    Most of the times I do it myself. I just can't take sitting there and waiting. I did go and talk to couple of the gas stations around where I live and asked what times would be good for me to come by when there are two attendants working, but still most of the times I get out and do it.

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    I pump it myself, but I'm T4/5, so I can transfer out and do it from either side. I can see where higher level injuries would have problems, though.
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    I am a C 6/7 but have great hands and arms so I just do it myself. Granted it is just another transfer but after doing it for almost five years its just another part of this life. I struggle to wash the middle of my windshield as I can't reach it from either side of the car. Here in my part of North Dakota we don't have any of those drive through gas station slash convience stores; when I was at Sit Tall Stand Tall in Utah they had those type of gas stations all over so I would just go to the drive through and ask them to pump my gas for me and they would be Johnny on the spot.

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    ok...well I guess there is really no other way than what Ive been doing...or get out and try to do it myself...

    Thanks all

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMD
    ok...well I guess there is really no other way than what Ive been doing...or get out and try to do it myself...

    Thanks all
    If you drive to New York state ... and if a station has both self and full serve they must pump gas for you at the self serve and self serve price ... but only if they are both open ... after 8:00 PM you are on your own as the few duel serve stations go to self serve

    otherwise it is friends or pump yours as others have stated

    Here in Ontario they give us complete "equity" ... get it yourself regardless of the price or time of day Be careful what we ask for!

    I usually just get it done at the full serve and make them do my windows, check my oil, transmission fluid and top my windshield washer fliuid ... might as well get my moneys worth ... on a full tank in my van at about 100 litres .. the extra cost is usually about 8 dollars for a full tank (100 litres) , so I make the person work real hard because I am paying for the "full serve" ... I almost never let my tank go below a half full tank and that means adding about 40 litres and 3 dollars for full serve ...

    On the other side of service ... the lucky person/people who ride with me get to pump the gas


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    I get my gas myself. I am to inpatient to wait on someone else. Why does it matter whch side your gas cap is on? Mine is on the drivers side also.
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    I usually go to the same gas station evert time I need gas, except when I'm traveling out of town. I have established a rapport with them now and they usually recognize my van when I pull in and wave that thry know I'm there. I also asked for their phone number and sometimes call them. They are very accomodating and I don't usually wait long because I pretty much know thier busy time. I would suggest going inside and talking to the manager as I did, get their ph. number and talk about which times and days would be convenient.

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