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Thread: Big Pimple/Abcess?

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    Big Pimple/Abcess?

    My son has a Big Pimple like or Abcess on his butt, seems to be there when we do his bowell in bed, Im not sure what it is, its kinda hard and never really opens, seems when I put Desiten on it, it is gone the next morning, but it seems to always come back, does any one know what this might be, thank you

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    jk jr. - It sounds as if this may be a sebaceous cyst (in the gland in the skin) or it could be something triggered by a hair coiled under the skin. The other thought is that there may be something underneath, what you feel, that is a constant source of irritation in the superficial skin above it.

    Have you noted any increased spasticity when it is present? Is it moveable? Is there any inflamation or swelling around it? Has anything ever drained from it? Lastly, how long has it been present?

    Is your son due for a visit to his doctor? If it has been present for awhile, I would encourage your son/you to talk with the doctor about it. Depending on what it is, it could burst open and drain at some point. Generally, if it has not ever drained and is not inflamed, it may be best to leave it alone. But I would suggest that you check this out with the doctor.

    The important rule of thumb in SCI is that any new symptom or problem needs to have medical assessment. In SCI, the usual warning signals, that were present prior to injury, are no long able to work. Thus it could be harmful to try to second guess what is occurring. CRF

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