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Thread: Recovery from removal surgery

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    Recovery from removal surgery

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to put my recent experience with thoracic instrment removal. Had removal surgery preformed on Oct. 6, 2006. Was told that the recovery would be about 2-3 weeks. That was WRONG. It's been almost 3 months and I'm still trying to be at the level that I was at prior to surgery. Went to see the assistan prof Karl Schmitt PHDat UMMC and was told that because of SCI whenver I go under anesthesia or am extremely ill and have an elongated amount of inactivity my body would naturallyt revert to the place I was at initially following injury. So, basically had to start rehab all over again. Was wondering if any one else has ever been told this info ......meaning the anesthesia and inactivity thing. I have never heard of this, nor have I ever read about someone else having this experience. Also, the neuro who preformed my surgery told me that he didn't know why I was having such a hard time recovering and referred me to the specialist. Question, shouldn't the doc have known this info prior to cutting my back open? Any feedback greatly appreciated.

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    I had mine out in May of 1990. (inserted May of 89) My docs scheduled me for two weeks inpatient back the rehab hospital. I spent one night. I had to go through some tests to demonstrate I retained my strength but I went home after that one day. My surgery didnt set me back to my previous level I dont think. I made it a point not to let myself get inactive. I still worked out with my weights etc while in the hospital bed just not stressing the incision site. How long were you doing nothing after your surgery? I have always been afraid if I didnt keep going I would wake up one morning and not be able to get out of bed....a strange fear I guess??? LOL
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    Not strange bacause that is exactly what happens. Dr. at UMMC said that becuase of the SCI thousands of otherwise healthy neuro pathways died off and because of that the body doesn't have the "back up" after a period of inactivity. As a result of the 2 weeks of inactivity my body reverted back to the initial status following original injury and surgery in March 05. SUCKS!!! Having to start over in effect, but the doctor seems to think that it is a temporary set-up. Hope he's right. We'll see.

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