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    Lately, I've been experiencing a lot of bloating, especially in the mornings. It's uncomfortable, my clothing doesn't fit, and I'm constantly dying to get off my chair and just stretch out. It also makes me feel as if I have to go to the bathroom constantly. I don't know what's causing this, but is there anything I can do to reduce it?

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    activated charcoal works great!

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    globechaser82 - Have there been any changes to your bowel routine? What has your bowel function been like? i.e. formed, loose, with lots of gas/flatulence, etc.

    Does any particular food contribute to more bloating? Often dairy products, dark green vegetables, (kale, collards, broccoli, iceburg lettuce) and the dried bean products can cause bloating.

    I would suggest that you review your dietary intake and try to correlate these two incidences. The other approach would be to begin to eliminate the foods that may be the culprit. Switch to lactose-free dairy as a start. Try to remember to make one change at a time, until you find a solution.

    If this persists, please contact your doctor for further advice. CRF

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    Everything's been normal, no change. I do consume a lot of dark green veggies, but I thought that was a good thing?

    Anyways, thanks for the help!

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    try some gas-x?
    period expected?

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    globechaser82 - Generally, dark green veggies are good for you but it could be that for some reason your body does not want to tolerate them. I would suggest that you try some changes in your dairy products first; if no improvement, try reducing these dark veggies. CRF

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