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Thread: Tis the Season for Invols

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    Tis the Season for Invols

    OK... I am whining!

    We have been eating and snacking on all sorts of naughty stuff... choc covered pretzels, caramel corn, choc kisses... all the stuff that Don knows is "danger, danger Will Robinson!".

    Well... we are in Denver and we have had 2 major snow storms in 1 week with over 3 feet of the white stuff... so cabin fever has set in and we ventured out for some lunch! To make a long story short... sh..t happened... cleaned the van seat, cleaned the WC seat, transfered to the commode chair and cleaned butt. So now Don is doing his BP a day early. Whenever I feel bad about this... I just think about how Don feels about not being able to control this aspect of his life.

    arrrrrrrgh!!!! So it's trots time and it's nasty.... I used to try to save the underwear but now I just toss them!

    Any advice for handling the invol insanity???


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    Until I came to cc I thought I was the only one experiencing the invols. I thought maybe I was to laid back in my bp and that is why it was happening so much to me. I am not the caregiver but definitely understand your frustrations. My mother, even at her age is still helping me with this problem and truthfully I don't know how she does it either physically and emotionally. Maybe it's like you said, when she feels bad she probably imagines how I feel. The washing machine here seems to be put to use more than a family of 6 would. I like your idea of tossing. All I can say is don't feel bad about feeling bad. It's difficult on you also. I see that in my mother and I'm sure Don sees it too.
    How to handle the invols is hard to say. I'm already worried about New Years eve and having to leave the party early. My fingers are crossed. Sometimes when I know I'm going out to a function I will watch what I eat and load up a day before on immodium. Not saying that is a good idea because God forbid the other should happen and then enter the ER with ad. My New years resolution is starting to take more fiber supplements and try to figure out how to control the invols. My, how prosperous of me. I really haven't helped much but hope you can work it out also.

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    When bowel accidents are a problem, there are several steps to take.
    • Go back to daily bowel care until there have been no accidents for at least 7 days.
    • Cut out foods that you know are problematic (this is very individual)
    • If stools are too loose, add tea, hard yellow cheese, and dehydrated banana chips to the diet.
    • If necessary take 1 or 1/2 Immodiums after each loose stool.

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    Gee, I think it's just gonna happen sometimes. Even an AB occasionally is caught short and has to make a dash for the john. And without that warning feeling... A difference is that the SCI'd is likely to be more careful about what he/she eats, and much more likely to have a strictly regular BP.
    I do more laundry and use more bleach in each month than in any year of my previous life - mostly towels & washclothes - but I think we average < 1 invol/month.
    I remember reading a SF story years ago in which a minor part of the plot involved feces removal via telekinesis. If only!
    - Richard
    p.s. My wife will appreciate the tea suggestion, KLD, thanks!

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    i got really regular with no invols when i took over my BP and started doing 2 extra stims after the last movement to make sure it was all out. the moral is to do a thorough BP when you do it.

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    We would consider 12 bowel accidents a year (1 per month) excessive. We aim to get a bowel program set up and adjusted that will result in a maximum of 1-2 bowel accidents annually as a gold standard. We achieve it with the vast majority of our clients who work with us on this.


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    I must admit, when I read threads like this, I see the "silver lining" to my emergency illeostomy,
    T7-8 since Feb 2005

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    How funny .... this just happened to Chad today. Poor him, poor me, poor trash collector next week.
    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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