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Thread: Standing wheelchair and minivan

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    Standing wheelchair and minivan

    Mom just got a Permobil C500 Stander, which she loved until she tried to get into her minivan and nearly had her head taken off. She's not tall (approx 5'6"), but her head missed clearing the top of the minivan door by a couple of inches. She has a dodge caravan minivan with a side door ramp. Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any modifications to the van or chair that can allow her to get into the minivan or any other standing chairs that will not put her so high up from the ground?

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    i use a dodge caravan. my superstand HP2 works wonderfully.
    i'm 6'2 havn't hit my head yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swany
    i use a dodge caravan. my superstand HP2 works wonderfully.
    i'm 6'2 havn't hit my head yet.
    Thanks. The salesman we've been working with said that some of the standing chairs that had a lower base can be a bit unstable in the standing position. Have you had that problem?

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    well heck,, i'm feeling pretty stable playing golf from mine.
    i also have a friend who is almost 7' tall in a superstand.
    thats pretty stable.
    i went 5 years before we found the superstand, my therapist i guess didn't know about it.
    i just want to tell everyone

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    I have a Hp2 from the standing company and I get into my dodge caravan just fine. The chair is very stable, the closer you are to the ground the lower your center of gravity. I rake leaves in the fall and shovel my walk in the winter, no problem with stability at all.

    If any one knows if they can modify the chair its the company that made it. If that chair doesn't work out call the folks at the standing company, they are fabulous.

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    i have not had any problems. it would be good to know that if i did, my problem would be taken care of

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    you really should tell people that you work for the company....most of your posts are advertising this particular standing chair, which may/may not be as great as you say, but being that you work for the company you're going to endorse the product, it gets you more business....
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    ok, but i've also been a user long before with a C56 injury. so with that, I believe its legal for me to answer the original question.
    Which I did.
    By the way, Its not about the paycheck, its whether i've done something valuable today.

    Today I'll be OUTSTANDING, I hope everyone else can be also.

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