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Thread: Pain meds for spasm?

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    Pain meds for spasm?

    I had one of my toe nails removed today. It got busted up when my leg spasmed and kicked the desk. This was a while ago, the doc said just to let it grow out. A new nail started growing in and pushing the busted one out. Last Friday I noticed blood on my sock while getting in bed. I examined my foot and saw that the old nail was shriveling up and had dug in to the new nail all the way through to my nail bed, and had killed the new nail. I had also noticed an increase in spasms in that leg.

    Everything went fine, except when he went to stick my foot with the needle to numb it, it caused a spasm and made the needle slip out. He prescribed some pain meds just in case (Hydrocodone). My leg is starting to spasm, like it's in pain. It's the not a normal spasm, it's a hard jerk which I know only happens whith pain because I spilled some hot water on my leg once and it jerked the same way.

    Should I take the pain meds? I read the info sheet on Hydrocodone, it looks like some powerful stuff, and I'm kind of worried about taking it.

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    Jimns...hydrocodone/apap is just generic's a great pain med w/ few side effects for most people. Just dont drink while taking it. I used to take it all the time for my back pain. It's much better than oxycontin or 1 of those type pain meds.


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    I'm not too sure why he prescribed Vicoden for your toe, it's not like you are going to feel it, but hey, it's good stuff incase you need it for pain later. Note that you may have some freaky dreams when using that stuff though, thats why I was hesitant to use it for my back and rib pain before, but it really works good otherwise. Seems there is a possiblity of addiction with it as well, so keep that in mind. Maybe they can remove the old nail as it is causing problems?

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    jimnms - Yes, it does sound like you are having pain, even though you can't 'feel' it in that toe. The important thing about stronger analgesics/pain meds is that if used correctly, you should not have any problems with them. Be alert to possible side effects but I would suggest take a pain med, as prescribed and if you note any further symptoms as you have described. I would imagine, you may need some medication for only one or two days.

    Keep a close watch on the toe. Check the site at least twice daily for any increased redness or swelling. Toes are difficult to heal as the circulation for all people is least efficient in the foot and toes. This is even more so for persons living with SCI as well as people with diabetes and other peripheral vascular problems.

    Let us know if you have further problems. CRF

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    I finally took one, and the spasm did go away. I also slept 14 hours afterwards. I had even set my alarm to get up this morning.

    I have to keep the bandage on there until tomorow. Then he said soak it in warm water and use tripple antibiotic on it every day until I go back in two weeks.
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    jimnms - I am glad that you had good results from the pain med. It is important to remember that even though you cannot feel the pain, your body will respond to painful experiences.

    Is the medication that you have scored? If so, you may want to consider taking only 1/2 a tablet if you need more medication. My inclination is that if you slept for 14 hours, it may have been a little stronger than you actually need. Unless, you had been several hours without sleep due to the procedure, spasms, etc. CRF

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