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Thread: hip flexors or not??

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    hip flexors or not??

    What determines hip flexors, needed movement etc? My son is able to swing his hips in the pool and with bent knees on the bed swing legs left to right. His PT wont give us a definite answer.

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    I am not clear what you are asking. I am moving this to the Exercise and Recovery forum.


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    I am wondering if his hip flexors are working or not.
    He is also able to walk on his knees in the pool, bringing one knee at a time forward. I read how your hip flexors are so important with being able to walk- I'm just being hopeful.

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    When my son's hip flexors began to 'kick' in, he was able to bend his knee up off the bed when laying flat. Of course, we were thrilled! Up to this point, we didn't think he would recover anything below his injury level. This was probably about 6 months out from the time of his injury. When he showed his surgeon, his surgeon was convinced his L1 was spared. His injury level is at T11-T12-L1. He is able to crawl by moving one leg forward at a time. He does some exercises in the pool specifically for his hip flexors by hanging on the side and pulling his legs up and pushing them back down. Since his hip flexors kicked in, he also has had some minimal recovery in his glutes.

    Here is a link to a very helpful site that details the muscles and corresponding nerves. Master Muscle List Home Page

    I hope this helps!
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