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Thread: Any update from WM?

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    Any update from WM?

    Has anyone heard from her?

    I am so worried.
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    I was wondering the same thing......I am so hoping he is okay.
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    Me too.Hope he is recovering and doing well.
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    I sent a pm the day I read Larry's thread but no answer yet.. Hope she reads these concerns and lets us know all is well.

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    Heard from her tonight and her husband is improving. She thinks eventually he will be fine. Still, a very stressful and scary time for her, so keep her in your thoughts.

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    thanks for the update, shannon. we've all been pretty worried.

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    Thanks guys! I gave a brief reply in the thread LBUSH (larry) started. I will try to post more when I'm not so tired and have more time. Thanks for your care and concern. Just wanted you to know we are still among the living!
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