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    Question ? about recovery

    I’m a c5 quad complete asia a injured in oct. 2003. As of this past summer (2006) i had what I thought was some type of movement in my left leg (in my quad and in my knee). I couldn't see any physical movement but it felt like I could move it on the inside of my leg. I started going to a local gym and I’m working with a trainer and we are working my upper body. Now I can really feel something going on in there but still see nothing on the outside. Also I have started to feel the same thing in my right leg except I feel it in the hamstring and down into the calf. What I want to know is has anyone had similar feelings and has it turned out to have any return? I have showed my doctor the pulse that I can produce in the left leg right by my knee. He told me to keep trying to move it and I do every day.

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    Have you tried e-stim in the areas you can "feel movement"? It might help you trigger the movement faster. I have heard lots of folks descibe the same thing like you have and eventually get motor in the region. I know for me, e-stim helps kick me forward faster.

    Good luck and keep up the work.
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    superx02 I agree with cheese cake. I would describe my starting return as "shocks or pulses of electricity" I would close my eyes and follow the path from my brain down my spine to the area i want to move and I would get this crazy feeling.

    It did turn out to actually move one of those times and ever since i've been recovering, about 2 years post and still notice little returns herea nd there, keep at it, and e-stim if possible.
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    I too have these feelings in my feet I can actually move my left foot up and down now pretty good considering I couldn't feel or even think about moving it just over a year and seven months ago for that is when they told me i would never walk again or move my legs or feet again... I too keep the electrical feeling in my feet, I was and still am hoping it is a good sign.. well I think it is since I can now move my left foot so well and now the right one is doing the same thing I can feel the muscles moving on the inside and hope maybe some day I will see it move more than just a couple of centimeters, my left is doing great and now my right I am hoping is trying to catch up with the left.. Kinda strange for me though I thought my right legs would be better off since i had more damage to my left go figure.. any ways just wanted to share this with you all yeah for those feelings of electricity..........

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