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Thread: 1st time handcycler

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    Freedom Ryder has a new cycle (pivot steer)

    I just orderd the new Freedom Ryder bike that is a pivot steer bike not a lean and steer. I am a T3/T4 and the lean and steer was not impossable, but it was not easy. This new bike also comes with a disc brake included, and the way that it is designed keeps your legs out of the wheel when you turn. Here is the website to check out

    Try to ride as many as you can to see what is the best for you.

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    Lean Steer No Problem for T-4

    I have been riding a Freedom Ryder lean steer for 5 years with no difficulty whatsoever, and I am T-4 complete. Remember that you are holding onto the bike with both hands while turning and at all times. You control the lean and your balance not only with your head but also both hands and arms. My hands are on the cranks on virtually every turn, the only variant being that sometimes I put one hand on the handlebars. I can lean into a turn at close to 20 mph and feel perfectly secure--and why not, as both hands and arms are controlling lean and balance. Lean steering is exhilarating!

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    A question on the "top end" range of handcycles:
    I have been told that the "mountain drive" feature is only available on the "xlt" (which I belive has the cassette gearing system) and not on the "xlt pro" and xlt gold" which use a derailer system. Is this true?
    I realize the derailer gearing system would be fine for 90% of use but I don't want to get stuck on a hill somewhere.

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    A comment on the freedom ryder - the most difficult time to be on the freedom ryder is when stopped or going less than 2-3 MPH - after that, it is incredibly easy to use. Centripetal force returns you to upright after any turn, and it is very natural to turn.... When above 3 MPH.

    For the first several rides, it is difficult when stopped or very slow, but you get used to it.

    -- JB

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