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Thread: A 'Miracle' In Tennessee

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    A 'Miracle' In Tennessee

    Nice to see people recover from spinal cord injury. I don't think she was complete, but you never know.

    A 'Miracle' In Tennessee: Charlene Caswell Transforms Herself From Quadriplegic to Hiker, With Help from The Hartford
    Thursday December 21, 11:06 am ET

    Walking away from a seemingly permanent disability requires tenacity, excellent care and a talented, committed insurance team

    Caswell's story recently appeared on ABC's Good Morning America and in Prevention Magazine

    HARTFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Charlene Caswell's life changed abruptly on a snowy day last February after the truck in which she was riding flipped over, fracturing her cervical spine and injuring her spinal cord. Initially she was unable to walk, hold up her head or move her arms. Her life changed again when Mrs. Caswell met Claims Handler Bonnie Foster and Nurse Case Manager Barbara Hess of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: HIG - News), one of the nation's leading providers of workers' compensation insurance. The Hartford's team helped her overcome the limitations usually associated with an initial diagnosis of quadriplegia and find the strength and care she needed to recover.


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    i say amen

    Regardless of what transpired. I say amen to the fact she is walking again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murrey
    Regardless of what transpired. I say amen to the fact she is walking again.
    "Ditto" I'm with you Murrey

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    It's great that she's walking.

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    She's a walking quad. It's not uncommon for incompletes to become ambulatory after intense, advanced rehab.

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    This is no cure just luck. It happens once in a while.

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    IsnĀ“t uncommon this type of recovery. I had my injury at the same time than a girl with the same level of injury(C6). Eight months later she leaved the hospital walking perfectly, and i in my wheelchair.
    -Ramps in buildings are necessary, but it would be usefull to have another ones for people (mind/heart).....

    -Hoc non pereo habebo fortior me

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