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Thread: catheters

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    well as some of you might know I'm moving into my own apartment soon and was wondering if one is more healthy or convenient than the other and why.

    I currently live in a nursing home, I wear a condom cath while I'm up, I get cath in the morning when I get up and in the evening/night when I lay down, I am not able to cath myself. I do have my share of accidents so I wear briefs/pampers/diapers whatever you like to call them. And yes I hate them so no big baby replies. I would so love to wear boxer briefs again! By the way indwelling's scare me, but you're more than welcomed to educate me.

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    Congratulations on getting into your own apartment. I have used an external cathater since rehab and have never worn diapers, or any undergarment. This is for pressure sore avoidance.

    A question that needs answering is "How do you manage your bladder?" How do you void your bladder if you only cath twice a day?

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    perhaps the mithronoff would be beneficial for you?

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    Marcos, please refresh us with your level of injury and hand/arm function.

    Most men do not wear padding for bladder management. It is hard on your skin, and difficult to avoid odor. If left on wet all day it is especially a problem. An external condom catheter worn at all times between caths would be much preferable. Can you arrange this? You could wear a leg bag during the day, and a bedside bag at night, and change the external when you do your caths.

    How much attendant care will you have when you move into your own place, and at what times?

    I assume these are done due to high residuals? How high are they? If you want to consider just external catheter management, you might also consider a urethral stent or sphincterotomy. It would require urodynamics to be sure this is warranted, but might free you from having to cath for residuals at all.

    I agree you should avoid an indwelling catheter if possible.

    Do you also need to wear padding for your bowels, or do you have a good functioning bowel program?


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