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Thread: Cancer and Morphine

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    Question Cancer and Morphine

    ...... My mom died with what they call small cell lung cancer a month ago.
    It started in her right lung and malpetized(spelling?) into her lymph nodes and other parts of her body.
    She went into the hospital after fighting it 9 months with high potassium and low sodium.
    Well, she never came out she was in there 11 days.
    She talked to us up until they put her on morphine. They told us that she was dying and that there was nothing else they could do that they couldn't get her sodium to come up.
    She only complained of her back hurting and her neck.
    They took away all fluid in take. We couldn't get her to eat anything.
    I have a friend who had gastric by pass surgery she said that the morphine caused her back and neck to hurt.
    So, my question is.....Could it have been the morphine that made her hurt?
    PAIN wasn't teh reason they gave her morphine in the first place. She was trying to get out of bed and wanted her cather out.
    The nurse came in there and said that she was gonna give her some morphine to make her relax.
    That was her first dose.
    The next thing I know they have her on a pump. A pump that administered a ml once every hour.
    BUT! She would never say that she had any pain.
    She was on the morphine for about 3 days and then she was gone.
    The last day that she lived they kept coming in and pushing the button more.
    I have heard that morphine shuts down your organs.
    I was also given a journey into dieing by hospice. But she had none of the stuff they were talking about in the booklet.
    2 months prior to death they pull away from all family functions.
    That wasn't my mom.
    She was on a bowling league and bowled every week and if she couldn't bowl she was still there.
    Sleepy all the time was another. She would do whatever. She stayed busy.
    Even after the chemo she would come to church.
    Sorry this is so long. But, I am so confused. These questions may never be answered until I see my mom again.
    If anyone can answer any of these questions please do so or add to this post.
    Thanks for listening.

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    I can't help, but I hope you find some peace and closure. The morphine wouldn't have shut down her organs, most of us here have been through morphine treatment. It's hard to let a loved one go. I'm sorry.

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    If morphine shut down organs...I am sure some of us here would already be pushing up daisies....

    I sent you a private message.....bless your heart.
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