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Thread: Oregon Search and Rescue

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    Oregon Search and Rescue

    An interesting sub-story to the heroic effort to find the lost climbers on Mt. Hood involves the family of one of the experts enlisted to do some of the technical descents to the snow caves.

    You may have read that on Sunday, two of the snow caves where the lost climbers had attempted to find shelter were discovered. In order to reach them an individual, Brian Hukari, had to rappel from a helicopter near the 11,000 foot summit of Mt. Hood. He was "tied-in" to the copter until he could secure himself to the mountain itself with ropes and bolts.

    From there he descended to the caves and discovered some abandoned equipment in one and, finally, a body in the other. Given the good weather of Sunday, these maneuvers were relatively safe for such an experienced climber. Safe, that is, if you think jumping from helicopters and descending a steep avalanche laden mountain is your idea of fun.

    Brian is married and the father of two teenage sons. His wife, Tami, is my dental hygienist. My older son, Noah, Care Cure's very own Buckwheat, was a ski racing coach to one of their sons prior to his becoming paralyzed. Like I said in another thread, Hood River is a small town. Our family knows the Hukari clan, though we do not socialize.

    Unfortunately, and the subject of the sub-story I mentioned above, we have gotten to know this family better since March of this year. Brian's sister, Teresa, was severely injured and paralyzed in a skiing accident in Sun Valley, Idaho. As we all know only too well, when paralysis strikes a family, you fall into a crevasse of ignorance. A strong and supportive family is a valuable asset and the Hukaris are a formidable clan. It has been an honor for us to point them in a direction or two as they care for and support Teresa. She is currently a client at Project Walk and is being looked after by Brian's brother, Bruce.

    I expect Brian would be the first to attest that his exploits on Sunday are nothing compared to what Teresa must confront each day since her injury in March. The real heroics of the Hukari family are in the support they have brought to Teresa in her time of need. They have an extraordinary website that chronicles their journey. I encourage you to bookmark this site and, as time allows, browse through their blog.

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    Thanks for the post John. I've been wondering how close Mt. Hood was to the Smith family and what the mood is out there.

    I'll be sure to check out the link.

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    You always have such interesting posts and this one is no exception. Thanks for sharing.

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    The Search and Rescue teams have ceased their effort. This was done at the request of the families of the remaining climbers who are missing. Another storm is moving in as I write and conditions will be poor for at least two days, perhaps more.

    Today, several sweeps of the mountain with small planes were done to see if any new sign of the climbers could be found. Nothing...

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