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Thread: gas powered manual chair...

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    Talking gas powered manual chair...

    now this is the shiite. other than worryin about fire, i'd love one a these.

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    we need a cure ,not gasoline from saadam and
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    That looks pretty cool !!!!!!!!!
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    I want one.LOL
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    wow !
    where can i buy it?

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    agreed about a cure but that kind of accessory for a chair would be awesome. nice find rollin.

    ETA: the company mentioned in the video is 1.5hrs south of me. I might try to track these guys down sometime.
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    see what ya can find out scott. dunno if its patented yet but would be awesome if they could attach it to any rigid frame chair. don't look like it would be very expensive to install. but you know how wheelchair accessories go.

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    From the looks of the video, I think it's patented, just not licensed to anyone for production. I've got a plateful of things to deal with currently but might just try to pay them a visit early next year; I know a couple folks in that area anyway.

    I agree w/ the chair thought; I'm not a fan of whatever frame they've hooked it to in the vid.
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    That is so cool but imma need a helmet. Falling at that speed when the front casters dig in won't be funny.
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    Gotta watch the potholes lol,hit one at full speed wont nice. Looks gud tho.
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