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Thread: Anyone experience rebound spasms.

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    Anyone experience rebound spasms.

    I'm a c6 quad (4years post) that have had increasingly severe spasms starting about 1 1/2 years post. Around the same time I got wounds on both feet and have been dealing with them off and on since. I was also doing my bowel program every other day. I know that certain stimuli can excaserbate spasms or actually create them. During the same time I wasn't doing as much range of motion as I'm doing now. As I changed my frequency of BP to every day spasms were better, then rebounded. The same with healing of wounds and doing range of motion more often. It would help quite a bit then back to the severity it was before. Anyone else experience this. Dr. Wise or ScI nurse any insight as to why.

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    Hi bryon,

    Check out this information and see if anything applies to you.
    The most common rebound for spasticity is infection, illness, increased pain and change in mobility.

    Increasing your stretching, ROM, doing standing frame for 1 hour daily are good things to try. Change in medication type and dosing also can help.


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    Thank's for your reply. I'm aware that an infection, illness etc. can cause a rebound of spasms. I guess what i'm trying to say is why they rebound days after the problem has been resolved.

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