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Thread: standing up on my own!

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    standing up on my own!

    Well I'm about 10 months post now and finally able to get up out of the chair on my own with parallel bars!

    unfortunately a bad case of cdiff has kept me out of out patient for a couple months now =/
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    thank you! i'm actually kind of hunched over in that video. I can stand very natural looking now! My posture is better than before I broke my neck haha
    Injury Date : Feb. 23rd 2006, c6 Incomplete.

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    Good for you! Keep up the hard work!

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    Congratulations! Looks great!

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    Awesome job man! your loooking good and the legs seem to be waking up
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    Good job! Keep working hard!

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    thanks for the comments! last night I stood up with almost no effort at all!

    I'm getting a rock climbing harness for the parallel bars. kinda like a baby using a walker, so i don't have to worry about falling.
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    Most impressive,keep sfter it!!

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    That is great and also very hard I know. One step at a time.

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    Great news, they would not let me use the parrell bars at the first rehab hospital I was at, and I was pissed. the second one I was at got me up and walking in a walker, not too pretty, but they insisted on the proper way to walk. Today I walk in a walker or for the most part a cane, getting around, yeah it's tough but it is better than what any one ever expected. Keep on pushing, this will be you're big fight from now on, don't give in.

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