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Thread: UTI Treatment Question for SCI Nurse

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    UTI Treatment Question for SCI Nurse

    Hi, my five-year-old daughter Emma has had recurring problems with UTIs. I read on another thread where you advised treatment when experiencing fever, chills, AD or elevated white count in your blood (not urine). I was wondering if you would reccommend treating UTIs that cause incontinence (on Ditropan) for more than three days? Emma takes 4ml of Ditropan/3 x per day.

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    If you are sure it is an infection (and not a change in her bladder), and if the treatment is based on a proper culture and sensitivity of the urine (C&S) then treatment for 7-10 days is probably warrented, since this is symptomatic. It would be best to discuss this with her urologist.

    Is is 4 mg. of Ditropan 3X daily she is taking?


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