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Thread: I need your votes desperately!!

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    I need your votes desperately!!

    Hello everyone on the board. My name is Peter Rizzo and I have been a fairly silent member of this board for several years. I suffered a complete spinal cord injury in 1999 after a tree fell on me at work. T-8 level.
    Anyway, since my accident, i have competed in the wheelchair bodybuilding nationals and USA's, placing second at both. I have also done guest posing at various bodybuilding shows including the Team Universe/muscle mania in south beach florida.
    I live in Lancaster, New Hampshire where i own a fitness studio and am a personal trainer. I am trying to grow my business over the last 2+ years. Anyway, i have lots of future projects in the works to help out all people, but one thing we always need more of is publicity. Recently i competed for a television show with body by Jake. I did the audition in Boston. It is a nationwide search for america's next fitness star.
    What i am asking of everyone on this board is to go on to, click on see videos and look for mine, Peter Rizzo. Watch it and vote for me please. Even though this is for me personally, i think it is good for everyone in a wheelchair, getting us on television and showing we are just like everyone else. I am hoping that if i got this opportunity, i would get a larger voice for disabled advocacy, cure, etc. Also, please send to everyone you know to do the same things.
    Thank you very much in advance to everyone,
    Peter Rizzo

    P.S. This is a late request as i was not ready for the audition, I learned about it late and went down having no idea what to expect. I had nothing prepared. Due to this, i didn't want anyone to see my video hahaha. Now though, i see it on the website and have very few votes compared to everyone else and don't want to lose by that kind of margin. So, with encouragement once again from my clients, family, friends, i send out this plea. I will be posting this everywhere that i feel will benefit. So again, please take the time to go and vote for me and send to your family and friends/contacts this plea. Help a fellow member out!! LOL. Anyway, thanks again :-)

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    good luck

    didn't see where to vote though
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    Have a link for us and a place to vote? Count me in.

    The best of luck to you, Pete.

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    - Richard

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    Found it, voted.

    You rock, Pete!

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    That was a little difficult to figure out. You have to click five stars and the click submit.

    Good luck Peter...I was voter number 27 for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkeyed_daisy
    You have to click five stars and the click submit.

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you everyone so much, i forgot about the link part. Thanks again! Keep wishing me luck :-)

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    Done.. #38

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    #42, you look nervous pete.

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