Bob, I'm sorry your family is having a rough time at the moment. This injury is so unfair not only to the person that received it but to the close family and friends as well. I'm glad Adam has a loving family to take care of him. It's just too bad the hospital didn't prepare you all properly for the huge undertaking.

My mom, sister and myself were given at least the basic knowledge before going home from the rehab hospital. But really, it's so difficult to be prepared for such a devastating situation, especially when unknown factors come into play such as fevers, and bowel changes.

As for weight shifts while in a manual chair, as a C5 myself I pile pillows on the couch to a comfortable level, take the anti-tipping bars off, put the brakes on and lean back to relieve pressure or just to relax. You wouldn't have to hang on to him and he could have a pillow behind his head at the same time. As he get's stronger he will be able to shift his weight on his own.

A side note, when I lean back in this way my bladder fills much faster, so you might have to watch his doesn't overfill if he has lack of sensation and can't tell how full it is. The reason it fills faster is because fluid builds up in my legs from lack of movement. I wear TED stocking to help my legs from swelling too much. Since his injury is so new I thought I'd better ad that in so you were aware.

Just tell Adam to hang in there for me. I can remember when my injury was still fresh, I honestly wondered if I had been sent to hell. I didn't think life would ever be worth living again. Things might not be cherry but I'm sure glad I didn't die. Things will change, the more he moves and tries to exercise the stronger he will become. His body and mind will adjust. He will have fun again some day.

Take care Bob.