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Thread: W/C Cushions with a FAN!!!

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    Thumbs up W/C Cushions with a FAN!!!

    W/C Cushions with a FAN!!!

    I wanted to share my satisfaction with this product in case you too might be interested

    I am a full time wheelchair user due to MS and have been using one of these cushions for several months now. I am extremely pleased with its ability to greatly reduce moisture from my bum. (It is very comfortable as well.)

    More information can be found here:

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    Is that cushion pretty comfortable and does it give you good pressure relief?

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    yes, to both of your questions. those were two of my concerns as well. they have a 30 day risk free trial so i figured i didn't have anything to lose if not.

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    Noise factor?

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    How much are they?

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    i have the spc cushion and it is very quiet.

    prices vary. see below. also, it appears that medicare covers them.

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    Has anyone else tried this cushion?

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    Sounds interesting. I'd like to know how it compares too
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    I tried one this weekend. Very hard and not very good for pressure relief for me. Fan was not to loud but only lasted about 6 hours. I'm sending it back. C-6 Quad with normal sensation on my butt. I need a new cushion that keeps sweat away and is very soft. Any ideas? I have a Roho and tried the Stimulite. Roho holds in the sweat and Stimulites xs is to hard for me. Please help me!

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    tigger- how long did you give the Stimulite? It was hard for me too...but after a week it softened up...just wondering.
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