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Thread: bladder med. question

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    bladder med. question

    I was recently taken off ditropan 5mg three times a day, and put on Phenazopyridine Hcl {100mg} and Propantheline Bromide {15 mg} four times a day. The reason my nurse changed my med. Is because I complained of pain around my superpublic tube and causes me to have AD {I'm a c5-c6 quad}. I've had the superpubic for 10 years, and for 9 years it never caused any AD. This new med. Seemed to stop the AD, and it doesn't even cause AD when you press around the tubing entry into my bladder. I'm just concerned about taking these two med's. on a long term basics. Has anybody else taken this med. For a long period of time?

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    The phenazopyridine (Pyridium) is meant to be used only for a short time, like three or four days. It's an anesthetic for the bladder and calms it down. The propantheline (Probanthine) is to stop bladder spasms and can be taken for longer term.

    With your level of injury and a suprapubic catheter, it's conceivable that you could do OK without any of these medicines. Is your bladder especially sensitive to the SP cath? If so that might be a reason to continue the Probanthine longer. It might even work better than the Ditropan.


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