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Thread: Geron to raise $40million selling common stock

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    Congratulations on your appointment as the Editor for the SCI publication, I am confident you will do an excellent job. It's also good to know there is some collaboration taking place. I'm glad researchers like Kierstad are in the SCI arena.

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    12 years later.... where did that 40 million go?
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    GOOGLE says: Geron stem cell assets were sold out to Asterias and that's where the stock went. If you owned Geron common stock, you now have Asterias common stock. Asterias is currently in SCI clinical trials. Geron worked on acute injuries and Asterias is doing sub-acute. (These aren't cells for chronic injury).

    Stock price: AST (NYSEAMERICAN) $1.50 +0.10 (+7.14%)
    Jul 6, 4:00 PM EDT
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