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Thread: lookin for advice!!

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    Hey Parakid-

    I live somewhat close to you (I am in CT), and I know there are a ton of wheelchair sports out there for us. I am a track and field athlete, a wheelchair basketball athlete, a tennis athlete, a sled hockey athlete, and a handcycling athlete. If you want to know more about the opportunites in our neck of the woods...just PM me.

    Do not listen to that fool doctor...many poeple on this site do walk...perhaps not as well as they once did...but they do. Take care!
    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing's going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss

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    I'm a c/5 c/6 incomplete and my wife and I was told I would never walk again, and my wife was told that I would need a nurses aid on a daily basis. it has been a little over one year since my accident and I haven't needed an aid and I am now walking with two canes, the other night I went to Target and for the first time I walked from the cash register to the car pushing the shopping cart (although my upper body was wore out when I got to the car), this was an incredible accomplishment. and just last night I moved my index finger on my right hand for the first time ! so never give up hope.

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    Hi, Tyler. Sorry to hear that you also got the "you'll never walk again" speech from your docs. I think it's way too early to tell. Fortuantely, we also were told that my son would likely benefit from a cure in his lifetime.

    My son was injured racing motocross, like you were. He is a t-4 or t-5, probably complete, though. He's back doing almost everything he did before his injury. Not walking, but he's riding again, and planning to race this summer
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    my first night in the trama center everybody was there that cared about him , even my ex-wife lol. whole bunch of people. i got there about 10:00 at night. i had C2-C5-C7-T4-T5 fractured verts and bunch broken ribs. about 03:00 the doc came into the waiting area and told everybody i would be in a nuring home the rest of my days with only little neck movement and on a vent. 2 to 3 weeks latter T4-T5 was my new level. everything got better but my right hand , has slow movement opening and closing it. the doctors don't know shit when it comes to recovery , so why say anything. 2 years later i'm still getting better. very slowly , but better. some day i'm gunna walk in and find that stupid doctor and give him hell. so parakid you work hard and see what happens. you just don't know the outcome.
    oh well

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    hello Tyler -- I would get so sick of hearing it but now can't believe I'm saying it but things slowly, somehow do get better. As my therapist says "doctors and therapists love to be proven wrong". Like 'kenf', I was given a grim prognosis, threatened with nursing homes and life support. It's five months later and I'm taking myself to the airport to fly home for Christmas. I think doctors are often obligated to set the bar low. It may be heartless, but at least you know what the absolute worst you can expect is. Everything you get back and accomplish from that point is gravy. In rehab, one day I barely, almost on perceptively moved my big toe. My doctor could've cared less and basically said "your a quad with a barely moving toe". I knew in my heart that was something good, but worked out twice as hard on the things I could work out rather than take the attitude of 'my toe wiggled= I'm going to walk anyway, so screw rehab'. Sure enough, more has returned and we work with what we have. Regardless of what you get back, tuck away in your head that despite your injury you are still a valuable person, the discipline and character you put into motocross will carry you a hundred times further when it comes to rehab and beyond.

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    To All,

    Things do happen slowly, 2 years and I didn't have a whole lot of return. I got depressed last December because any thing I was told was that two years was going to be all I could expect. I will say the last year, three years December 6 has been the best. I grabbed a cane, and have almost gotten rid of the walker, except on strange ground. The shopping cart PT is the best, I think because you are doing something that makes you feel good again, I love it, although I do have to be careful not to spend too much money, some things are tight. I was also told not to expect much my levels of injury were pretty bad, SCI, TBI, and enough broken bones to fill up a page. Forget about what they say and try to do as much as you can, be careful, and don't forget the upper body. Too many times they would only work on my legs,they look like they came off a bull. When I started working my upper body, it all started to come into place. Now if I fall, yes I do it all the time, and if I am working off the ground having the upper body in tune really helps, You may not beleive, how much it needs it. Onward March!!!!!

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    Hey parakid, it is possible you will walk again. Nobody can prove that this statement is false. I was injured five months ago in a boat racing accident and was taking steps using leg braces today. This is not what most people consider 'walking' but it's a start. My doctors told me I would never walk again. To this day I still don't know what they were trying to do in making that statement but I hope you can get past the negativity too.
    Injured 7-22-06, T-11 T-12 complete. [Holds up cardboard sign] "Will work for returns."
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    hi , im 45 yr male c6-c7 , i hate being a quad and everyone with a injury would say this, but life isnt finished . if you dont recover dont give up . i have made so many gains in the last year . make the most of rehab , dont try , just do it ! if you fall thiers always someone who will help you get up . and get out in the world and meet people . your life can change lives !

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    Quote Originally Posted by parakid
    well thanks for replying. im now at Helan Hayes hospital for rebab in west haverstraw NY. the first day i got here the dr came in without touching me at all said " hi im sorry but u wont walk again". this really hurt me because im big into sports and i tihnk i can overcome this. i have so many people at my side. im not doing anything about the spacicity in the legs. i honelsty dont want them to stop moving. idk what it means but to me its something new i didnt have a few weeks ago.wel thanks for your reply and thanks for making this site.
    hello there,
    Did Dr. Carrano say that? I was in HHH 7 yrs ago. I think she also told me that I wouldn't walk. I know one of the nurses told me that when I was in inpatient. HHH has a handcycling team that I run by Elaine Defrancesco. I am not too sure where you live, but Rockland county in general might have adaptive recreation. You can definitely overcome it. I was in the same place you were and i am still here. You really should do something about the spasticity b/c if you don't, you will have a harder time doing things b/c your legs are contracted.

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    Parakid....Everybody in the medical proffession has their opinion but that doesn't mean they're always right. Question everything, never give up, and take control of your life, dont let your injury control you. If it's any consolation there is always someone in a far worse position than you and some of those people are so damn positive it's frightening..

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