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Thread: need temporary facility for high quad

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    need temporary facility for high quad

    My son Jeff is 27 year old C1/C2. He uses a phrenic nerve pacer during the day and goes on a ventilator at night. He has been living at home since his accident eight years ago.

    I will be out of the country for one-two months starting in February. We need to find a temporary facility where Jeff can stay while I am gone.

    We live in Rhode Island, but would consider some place in a nearby state.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Richard Galli


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    Is it not possible to have in-home care rather than placing him in a nurisng home? Those that do vent care tend to be full of patients in coma, and not very conducive to providing the needs or the appropriate enviornment for a young active person with SCI. Home care would probably cost about the same as well. I would hate to see him come out of a month in a SNF with pressure ulcers or other common complications that occur in such places.

    Did you read Barry Corbet's article in this month's AARP Magazine?


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    I unfortuntely am not able to help you but if you direct your post directly to the web sites SCI Nurse she may be more inclined to read it and hopefully offer you a resource. I hope you're able to find an excellent facility.

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