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Thread: SCI Nurse - please advise

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    SCI Nurse - please advise

    My husband has been injured since March of this year. He is a C6-C7 incomplete. He has a swollen and discolored ankle and foot. We can't figure out what he did to it. Maybe he banged it getting himself in the car, maybe he rolled it during a transfer. He hates the idea of going to the doctor. Any ideas??

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    I'm not the nurse, but I would be concerned that he broke something, It sounds to me like he needs an x-ray, want it or not.
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    If he remembered banging it or injuring it I wouldn't be as worried but I would be concerned about a blood clot. You can have swelling and bruising without a fracture. It is concerning that he doens't remmber anything. I would advise a dvisit to the doctor if it doesn't improve in a day. Don't put any weight on it or it could worsen the fracture.


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