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Thread: decubitis ulcer prevention

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    decubitis ulcer prevention

    I am getting early signs of decubitis ulcers on my waist where my pants sit. I am taking steps to ensure that it stops rubbing. However, I would like to know what are the best ointments to use as a treatments, such as zinc oxide, neosporin, etc.?

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    regular store bought pants really don't work for wheelchair users. specialty cut pants, such as those sold be rolli-moden are your best bet for avoiding pant related irritation. also, don't kid yourself into thinking you're slimmer than you are and get the correct side. abdominal paralysis leads to a greater need for belly room.

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    i wear store bought dress pants, levis slates and dockers, they work just fine i wear a 38/34, i do get the ones that give a bit

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    Your pants must be way too tight for them to be causing pressure ulcers. Do you have an open ulcer or just a rash?

    Have you seen your SCI physician? Self-treatment of pressure ulcers is not to be recommended. Topical products (creams. lotions and ointments) are not appropriate for either treatment or prevention of pressure ulcers.

    Stop wearing the pants that are causing you problems. Switch to something like loose fitting sweats with an elastic or drawstring waist. See your physician for treatment, and then get some new pants.


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