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Thread: My care giver in trouble.

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    My care giver in trouble.

    I'm 36 yrs. old paraplegic.This problem concerns my brother who is my only caregiver in this world.He's 33 yrs. old & have a normal health.Since childhood he has been experiencing a problem of sudden fainting while experiencing cramps in abdomen.This has been very rare & we never took it serious.He restored after a few minutes.
    Two days ago he took one full plate of rice & then drank two full glasses of water.Soon after taking water he fell down on the bed & got fainted.He restored a bit for a while but then experience second attack of fainting.We got very upset.We thought him nearly dead.After 8 or 10 minutes he started restoring & then came to his senses.But he was feeling a lot weakness.His mouth turned pale.Pulse too slow.
    There was only my diabetus-struck mother beside who was unable to do something but crying & weeping.
    I request U all plz. tell us what to do?I have no body else as a caregiver except my younger brother.It's as if my life depends on his life.
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    The sooner you get him to the doctor and find out what is going on with him, hopefully the longer he can care for you. What level are you? Do you need a full-time caregiver?

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    Hi 2jazzyjeff,

    Thanks for concern.I'm T4 since 1995.Have three bed sores & need two times wound dressing.Round the clock need of care giving.We've no physician nearby to consult.Thanks.

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    Where do you live? It's hard to arm chair diagnose, but perhaps we can help with other related things like helping you find another caregiver? Or strategies to be more independent?

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    khurman, from what I could find with your symptom description it could be diabetic related/dehydration/etc. I take it you are outside the US w/out easy access to a doctor. Do a search on internet with symptoms and have your brother see a doctor a.s.a.p. The nurse here will help you with suggestions soon. Take care~ T.
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    I agree with the diabetes thing ... rice = carbs = converted to sugar.

    It's quite hereditary. Is he thirsty a lot? Round in the middle, that is, carrying extra weight around his waist?

    How's his vision?
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    I live in a remote town of Punjab,Pakistan.He has no other signs of diabetes.Normal health.But he often experiences fainting after abdominal cramps.Once he fell in toilet & came to his senses after a while.When he restores he feels & looks quite normal.It occurs after two/three months.The last episode has been very terrible.He was attacked twice by fainting & remaind so for about fifteen minutes or so.It made me alarmed so I decided to put this problem here.
    The problem is he can't leave me alone & medical facility is far off.

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    You can have diabetes with no symptoms. He could also have a heart condition. He needs to see a doctor, even if it involves travel. At the least, he needs an ECG and a fasting blood sugar, and ideally a hemoglobin A1C.

    If he is seriously ill (or worse) you won't have a caregiver. You need to arrange for someone else to help you so that he can get medical attention.


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    This has nothing to do with helping you, sorry buddy. I thought your post as going to be something wild from the title of your post. I thought your care giver had gotten arrested for something crazy and he as no ib trouble. You know those crazy stories on the net now days.

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    I wonder if stress could cause his he under high stress? Anxiety?

    I would get his heart checked like SCINurse mentioned, just to be sure that isn't the problem. And a blood test could find something.

    Good luck to you and your family
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