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Thread: I've started an online iBOT diary

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    I've started an online iBOT diary

    If you are interested, you can see it here:

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    Very informative.Thanks for sharing.
    Be yourself!!!
    BMF Sports & LiftWithoutLimits
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    Thanks Van Damn,

    There's tons more to come. I'll be making one journal entry every day until long after I get my iBOT.

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    That's great.I'll be checking it out.
    Be yourself!!!
    BMF Sports & LiftWithoutLimits
    Sponsored Athlete

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    Shannon, this looks fantastic!
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    Shannon, that is so cool!! Thanks for sharing!
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    looks good, but let me be the first to say: you're obsessed.

    are you buying this thing out-of-pocket or playing the insurance game?

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    LOL! Yes, I am obsessed.

    I'm going to play the insurance game and when they laugh at me, I'll pay out of pocket. I'm by no means rich, and it's gonna hurt, but I can get a loan. I think the iBOT is worth it.

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    whatever works... just think of it as a 2nd car payment if you go the loan route.

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    Love your blog! Recently I've been spending allot of free time reading different blogs, yours will be a great addition to the rotation. The chair looks cool, I'm excited for you.

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