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Thread: Any input appreciated

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    Any input appreciated

    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone have any experience/input as to the following? I don't have a physiatrist to call. Thanks.
    Dan has had bad cold symptoms; we're helping him cough, slight temp. sometimes, stuffy, etc.
    Now, his heart rate is pretty low, 42-47.
    Is that too low?
    What do you think?
    Thank You,

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    Cathy, if Dan is quad I would take him in to MD. Especially if secretions are yellow or green tinged, which would indicate an infection, as would temperature increase. Extra fluids to keep secretions easier to cough up, Vit C, breathing exercises. The heart rate depends on what he usually runs.

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    It is not unusal for a person with a higher SCI who has an infection to have a period of atrial fibrillation, which can result sometimes in a slow peripheral (wrist) pulse. Generally this is self-limiting and the fibrillation will stop and slow pulse come back to normal once the infection is cleared up, but it is important to assure that this is indeed what is happening. He needs to have an EKG today, either from his physician or at the local ER.


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    Hi KLD and lilsis,
    Thank you for your input. KLD, you really think EKG???? Even tho it is not unusual? OK, I'll take your advice.
    We are flooding him with drink, vitamins, breathing exercizes, etc.
    And in touch with pulmonologist. He wasn't too concerned about heart rate, b/c it goes up with moving around....???? His norm heart rate is like any healthy 22 y.o., 60's usually.

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    It would be best to confirm that this is what is occuring vs. bradycardia from other possible causes. Then the next time it occurs, you can be more confident that it is self-limiting and does not require intervention.


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