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Thread: Brain probe as central pain treatment?

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    Brain probe as central pain treatment?

    My doctor had me contact a specialist in a Milwaukee about what he called, a 'brain probe', as a possible treatment for the central pain in my legs. I talked to someone at the doctor's office in Milwaukee but won't be able to get any information about the procedure until they review my faxed medical records. I think this is something similar to what is done for Parkinsons patients.
    Anyone ever hear of a procedure like this for central pain? I can't imagine shutting off the part of the brain that's sending bogus pain messages to a leg without shutting off all the feeling too (I'm C5 incomplete). The 5 hour round trip of road vibrations in a car will be shear torture for me to go down there for them to explain what this might be about, and it'll certainly send me to the next level of pain. Anything I can learn about it ahead of time, and can ask them over the phone would really help.
    Thanks a bunch.

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    Lainy, if you don't mind my asking, what is the name of the doctor in Milwaukee? Maybe he is just talking about stimulation of the motor cortex.

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