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Thread: bladder pressure on the kidneys

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    bladder pressure on the kidneys

    lately i've had some really high cath volumes that i know are putting too much pressure on my kidneys (or my liver, my anatomy is terrible). i'm worried about damage and/or swelling and want to know if there are any symptoms (other than AD) to look for? or is the best thing to see a urologist and get a bladder scan and ultrasound?


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    The old adage (and true) is that the "kidneys suffer in silence". You cannot feel high pressures and until significant damage is done to the kidneys there are usually no symptoms. Regular check-ups are therefore extremely important, and a major factor in the significant decrease in kidney failure in people in SCI. Kidney failure was the #1 killer of people with SCI in the 1950s and early is now #13 as causes of death in those with SCI.

    If your volumes are too high, you need to restrict your fluids and/or cath more often to keep your amounts of urine in the bladder at one time down, usually below 450 cc.

    Regardless, you should have either an ultrasound or CT of your urinary tract annually and urodynamics at least every other year. Only the last test can tell what your bladder pressure are.


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    thank you for the info KLD. i'm getting an ultrasound tomorrow.

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