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Thread: pain management through online doctors?

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    pain management through online doctors?

    hello all,

    i realize that this topic has been brought up before, but i'm in a kind of desparate situation as i am losing my health insurance and i'm in a panic about maintaining my pain management through narcotic medication.
    i have a herniated L5-S1 with degenerative discs runs in my family and i've had luck handling the pain with hydrocodone and diazapam.
    i have all of my mri reports and such, and i'm wondering if anyone's had a positive experience obtaining an online consultation with the intention of obtaining a prescription?
    i'm just not sure what my options are and the abundance of "scam" emails i get concerning online meds are ridiculous.
    also, i don't have the money to risk losing anything through a highly overpriced online pharmacy.
    any current info in this area is appreciated.



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    I've be verrrryyyy wary about going the online route. First of all, you don't have reliable access to a doctor to monitor your condition and meds. Second, and this is a biggie, you put yourself at risk for drugs that may come through unreliable sources. Counterfeit drugs have a market, and too often that market is through means such as online sales where it's virtually impossible to guarantee any quality control.

    There are drug companies out there who have programs for people who can't afford their medication. I'm sure others here have more knowledge about them, but if nothing else try contacting a social worker at your local hospital and explain your situation.

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    Thanks David.
    I appreciate what you're saying.
    I doubt I'd qualify for discounts with any drug companies.
    I've tried that with another med I'm on for bipolar disorder and I make too much money to get help, but way too little to afford the's so frustrating.
    I've had the same pain regimen for over a decade and it has basically worked to keep me out of surgery, and highly functional...I don't have to use it all the time, thankfully.
    That's why I was thinking that at least temporarily I might make use of some online help.

    Again, thanks for your advice.



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    Sarah, If you live in Montana, it can be a hardship if you are really sick to travel to the most elite pain centers. Online would be limited for SCI pain counseling but as the SCI nurses here demonstrate, experienced professionals are beyond price.
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