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    Question ques about new movement...

    I've got a question for anyone who can help, and i'd also love to hear the scientific reason for this from Dr. Young or SCI-nurse..It has been a little over a year since my injury..I was originally a T4-complete, ASIA A..then I got some sensation back (numb feeling) on my left leg and patches on my right one..Well, since i've been exercising my legs more (Ergys, strecthing, standing, etc.) at rehab i've regained some minor movement in my legs and ankles..It happened about a month ago while i was lying in bed one night here at rehab..I was able to flex both ankles downward and a week later was able to lift my legs up about an inch on command..I am only able to do these when my legs have excess tone kicked in..They are not in a spasm, but rather just hovering in the air from tone....My question is why can i voluntarily move my ankles and legs only when the tone is in them..I cannot move them at all if they are completely relaxed..Why is this so?.


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    tone is aiding the signals for movement causing the muscle contractions to be strong enough to notice...i'm the same way.... i can flex all my muscles to some degree or another...but when my legs go into heavier tone i can use it to move them how i want somewhat cause i can trigger the muscles i want with greater stregth using the tone and somewhat override the uncontrollability of the spasms

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