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Thread: Pants keep slipping down

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    Pants keep slipping down

    Hello All,

    I have a problem with my pants constantly slipping down during the
    day. No matter what it is.......jeans, chino, kaki, shorts. I have
    tried belts, no belts, underwear, no makes no
    difference. I refuse to wear suspenders. Does anybody have any
    recommendations or tricks for keeping your pants up. After a couple
    of transfers I am practically naked. Being a C6 quad I cannot pull
    them up in my chair and have to get back in bed to readjust.


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    sounds like you need to change your transfer technique.

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    I have not been able to figure it out either, a belt does a little good but does not cure it. Sounds like you have lost your rear end too.

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    pull ur pants up a lil more be4 u transfer so thay can slide a lil to be right

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    i have that problem only with sweatpants. if you're able to "hop" more instead of sliding, it works better. even if you have to do lots of little hops.
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    Don wears suspenders over his undershirts and under his shirts and that way no one sees them. They work great.

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    i feel your pain. i have dropped about 20lbs and the way i keep mine up is by tucking my shirt in real well. gives your pants something to grab on to. that and a belt. i also start the day off w/ my pants on my belly then they fall into place during 1st car transfer.

    also,. i recline my car seat and pull them up that makes it easier rep
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    I have the same problem - I'm skinny with no ass. What if you sew small strips of velcro to the inside of your pants waistline and the maching piece to the bottom of your shirt? I would do it above my butt at the back.

    Could that work?
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    The velcro idea just might work. Make sure it goes on an area that is not near any pressure points!


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    I use the velcro as outlined above.

    It keeps me from worrying if the brief is saying hello to everyone behind me.

    For me though, I have to adjust it, cause at times it will start to pull down on my shoulders.

    You said you could not get your pants would your shirt tugging at your shoulders affect you?

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