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Thread: I was adopted

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    bumped for ya OJ

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    Aw SO cute

    The kittens, and their mothers, are very lucky to have found you to be their guardian angel AddieSue It was a really great thing you did having them spayed and finding everybody homes. As a cat lover, thank you for doing that.

    But hopefully more don't show up on your doorstep or in your garage!

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    Here's Betsy grown up.

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    messed that one up sorry

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    Finally put the other one up for ya OJ. This is how my cat always sleeps if you turn on the lights.
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    Mine puts his paws over his eyes too. Just so you know that you are disturbing him!
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    Thanks You just made my day. I love the pic

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    Aww, too cute. I love cats, always have, sorely wish I could have one in my apartment. FWIW tho, my old boss and her husband, both longtime friends have 4 wonderfully neurotic cats in their trailer, 2 huge tabbies from the same litter named Levi and Key (after the overall brands), an orange tabby called Justa(cat), and last but not least to keep the boys on their toes a female tortoiseshell called Sunny. Just dropped by last night, said hi to the cats.
    I've got a few pics of those cats that would make really good Internet cannon fodder on my phone, alas if I only knew of a way to get it from my phone to the Internet (without Sprint charging me a fortune for it.....oops, its shut off anyway).


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