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Thread: What is the best voice recognition software?

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    What is the best voice recognition software?

    My company is looking to purchase a voice recognition software system for a new quad employee and we want the most accurate system with an adequate word database...we are willing to spend some money. I have a list of software but I was hoping someone who has used these systems could give me some feedback.


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    As far as I know Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9 professional is the best on the market. I'm using version 8 professional and it's great.


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    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me Heath, I really appreciate it. If the software works well for the new employee they may also donate a copy to my brother so I'm really excited.

    Thanks again!

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    Should work very well, I have been using it for years at work. Just make sure you get a high-quality microphone or headset. I let the others chime in on those recommendations.

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    Hello Crystal!

    I agree with Heath and I am currently using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.0 Professional. I think it is better to get a USB Sound Pod or a USB headset and this way the analog voice waves get converted into bits and bytes. Also the USB Pod or the USB Headset does not pick up the electronic noise inside the computer and this make for better speech recognition.

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    It looks like Dragon only works with windows. Can you reccoend soething for Mac users? I can type, but one of my classes next quarter requires typing at 30 WPM or better and I'm not there.

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    My mother just got iListen for Christmas, so have not had a chance to try it, but had previously tried ViaVoice which did not work well for her.

    Depending on what your class is you should also be able to get an accomodation for the typing speed. Have you asked about this?


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    Thanks, KLD. The class I am taking is publication design, here is the course description: Preparation of complex publications. Emphasis on design, typesetting, type usage, and desktop publishing techniques using Adobe InDesign. pre-requisites are two classes I had last year and a typing speed of 30wpm.

    I have talked with my advisor when I started with the program about the 30 wpm requirement and when I was registering for fall quarter I asked her if I should take the keybording class that is recommended for people that don't type 30 wpm and she said in my case it's not a matter of not knowing how to type and she didn't see any reason to worry about taking that class. All the instructors have been really supportive of my efforts, so I know they will work around my typing speed even without going through disability services. I was just wondering if the computer transcription software might be a way for me to not have to spend as much time on my projects, but it looks like it may not save me that much time. In checking out links to dragon naturallyspeaking, I read that most people only speak at about 40 wpm and since I tend to talk very slowly, it probably won't really help. Right now I type about 20 wpm, so I guess I'll just keep working on it.

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