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Thread: It happened to me

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    It happened to me

    I am paranoid when it comes to e-mail fraud, at least I thought I was.

    Last week I was buying some things from e-bay and asked a few questions, etc. I received about four or five responses in a row the following day. As I hurried to answer them, I got one asking ME questions about an item I never listed. I pressed respond now and like on automatic pilot I entered my name and password. Immediately I realized my screw up. I verified the site address and confirmed it was a fraudulent mail. I hurried to change my password on ebay, it took about ten minutes.

    I then forwarded e-bay and other related sites the e-mail and alerted them as to what had happened. Checked my site to see if it was listing some items that were not mine, none were. I breathed a little easier.

    I have checked my most relevant sites and have found no fraudulent activity. I have also changed most of my passwords.

    What else should I do?? How serious is this threat based on the above sequence of events?? What could they have done in 10 minutes or so with my ebay password that may not show on My ebay??

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    Depends on how your accounts setp, but in 10 minutes, probably nothing.. It's a good lesson to get in the habit of typing in the main address yourself.

    click the link as proof..... No warning... nothing will happen to your computer..... I think

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    Thanks Patonb.
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    I had a scare a couple of weeks ago also. I ended up having to close my credit card. It is amazing how fast things like this happen.
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    As a long time user of Ebay, I would caution you to never use the link set up on an email purported to be from Ebay as that is usually fraudulent. If you want to look into a message sent to you from email and check it's legitimacy, I have found the best way to handle this is to go to "My Ebay" on the website and check the message from there. Ebay will never ask you for username or password information to be submitted from an email link. Not is this a good procedure to follow with Ebay, it is a good procedure to follow with any vendors you access using a password or username. Obviously this does not only apply to username or password information but also applies to credit card numbers, or social security numbers.

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