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Thread: Weight training affect on nerve pain

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    Weight training affect on nerve pain

    Prior to my accident, it would be fair to say that I was obsessed with training....and I'm happy to say after a year and a half, I've reunited with my obsession...though I don't think when Arnold said "no pain no gain" he had CP in mind. For the past 3 mos I have been experiencing jolting stabbing pains..becomming progressively more frequent and intense. For example, I'll have a slight vibration feeling under the ball of my left foot frollowed my an electric shock type of feeling at the top of my right quad. There are many other combinations of these two complimentary sensations going on. While this is all going on the pressure type of feeling has increased as well...and much more my legs, hips, trunk, and/or biceps are being crushed. One other variable in this has been a much more intense workout on the recumbant stepper.'s my thought that the more intense wt training and aerobic workouts are affecting the nerves to some degree....

    I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts and insights....

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    Hubby used to have the same problem. After a heavy workout days he would complain for hours or even days of neuropathic pain that could not have been numbed by any meds. It has taken him a while to realize what was causing it. His was the crotch area and upper legs crushing, burning and tingly feeling all at the same time. Especially after using FES bike.
    Well, lately all he complains is getting a headbutt from one of the little guys, since he doesn't have that much time to spend on weightlifting or aerobic excercises (unfortunately - he kind of gave up on them, but he wanted to be stay-at-home dad).

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    depends on your injury, on me it definitely does. took me a while to finally correlate it too. i am not fuses, had a cauda equna injury, spine is unstable with lots of scar tissue. certain exercises such as anything to do with hamstring really set it off, i believe stretching does too.
    cauda equina

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    Exercise intolerant?

    Denny, see my post on exercise intolerant further up the page in this forum. Is your injury traumatic or atraumatic? Mine is due to an AVM causing lack of oxygen to the nerves. I am concerned that the increased pain may signal furthwer nerve damage as that was the situation before the op to obliterate the AVM.

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