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Thread: James Kim's body found after massive search

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    James Kim's body found after massive search

    Posted on Wed, Dec. 06, 2006

    James Kim's body found after massive search
    By Julia Prodis-Sulek
    Mercury News

    An Oregon law enforcement official got choked up today when he announced the dreaded news: James Kim -- who had left rescuers a trail of clues after setting out into the rugged, icy Oregon mountains to find help for his stranded family -- was found dead.

    At 12:03 p.m. the body of the San Francisco man was found in the steep narrow canyon where searchers had followed his trail, said teary-eyed Josephine County Undersheriff Brian Anderson, surrounded by dozens of reporters. He could not continue talking. That's when Lt. Gregg Hastings stepped in.


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    so sad.

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