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Thread: Project Walk client featured on Extreme Homemakeover Sun 12/10

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    The thing about these makeover shows is that sometimes the quality of the 'stage' that they are building might be rather questionable. In Chicago one of these show (if not this one) did something like that and it seems the owners are in some sort of lawsuit with the production company for stuff like drier vents going into a bedroom, whirlpool tubs sucking paralysed limbs into the piping or something like that, along with numerious code violations. Either the Daily Herald or the Chicago Tribune did a series of stories a year or two ago about this, search around for it if you are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myc0

    They made it sound like if you work hard enough in rehab you're spinal cord will magically heal itself. Like most of us are just too lazy to get walking. The rehab vs. recovery thing seemed a bit sketchy too.
    This so reminds me (and, I'll bet, a lot of us) of the obnoxious strangers who've just got to start conversations with us in public to let us know about how they once were in a w/c too but were much too determined to remain in it. The clear implication being that either we haven't tried hard enough or we'd be up and out of our chairs or we simply must get our shit together and make the necessary effort.

    Makes you want to bixch-slap them, well, me anyway. "There! Now if you'd have been trying hard enough, I couldn't have bixch-slapped you." Opps, see, you're still not trying hard enough, are you?
    "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."

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    Virtually all ceiling track systems can be fit with a sling that can be used for some suspended gait ambulation, but as an ASIA A she would need to have someone else do the leg movements for her in the absence of a machine like the Lokomat. We use ours in the gym for suspended gait ambulation for those who are incomplete all the time.

    I did not hear that she wanted it for that...they mostly talked about "being able to get anywhere in the house" (which she can do in her wheelchair now that it is accessible, no??) and being able to get on the floor to play with her child (which most strong people with a paraplegic injury can do by themselves without needing a lift).


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    It's Entertainment

    Hey, this was made for national TV and the audience, for the majority, was not disabled. Thus, many scenes like hubby helping with transfers. etc., were made for their entertainment value. I do not fault the vendors for making their wares available in the best light available. We use their goods and many of us wish for devices that are out of our reach. Like many of the reality TV shows, "reality" has little do do with the finished product shown. Hum drum lives do not attract sponsors or viewers.

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    the thing that tingles my mind is wondering about the quality of workmanship on a house being built totally from the ground up in 6/7 days.

    i was in construction pre-injury and things just don't happen this quick unless it's just THROWED together. and then, theres things such as plumbing pressure has to be checked/inspected, electrical wiring same thing, sheetrock mud takin a day to dry between coats then having to sand it all and so on before you can proceed to the next phase. i know theres like 5000 ppl working day and night but still, they can't stand on each others heads or work over each others shoulder at the same time. what about things going wrong or running out of a certain supply? cutting something wrong, something not fitting, something getting broke. i've never been on construction site where nothing went wrong and it didn't take a day or two to get straightened out, lol. i see a lot of time consuming and meticulous things going into these houses and its nearly impossible to do in this time span, IMHO.

    just throwin my lil rant in the mix. i like the show though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse

    I also had some problems with the depiction of PW....and how they defined rehab vs. recovery to the producers, who just took it at their value. Rehab is NOT just about using what is working, but also about teaching adapative techniques, as well as working with what comes back when it does (just like PW). They made it look like the same old story that if you work hard enough you will get return, and that the only reason someone does not get return is lack of will/desire/hard enough work. No mention at all of the vast differences between an ASIA D tetraplegic (depicted working out at PW) and an ASIA A high para.


    Danny (the one standing on the BOSU ball) was ASIA C when he came in and was told he would never walk again when he left the hospital. The other gentleman they talked to , John, was diagnosed ASIA B.

    Unfortunately, the producers left A LOT of the PW footage on the cutting room floor. They were here for ~ 3 hours and interviewed a lot of people. I think they talked to and filmed Ted for half the time they were here and they only took the first 10 words out of his mouth....that's TV for you.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
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    Well, my family enjoyed the program. We watch it regularly and have always enjoyed it.

    Sarah really enjoyed seeing all the folks from PW, calling each one she saw out by name. She evened called her best friend during the show to tell her, "This is where I've been the past two summers!".

    We saw everyone, but Eric. Sorry for that, you should have been the one they interviewed, IMHO.


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    I thought she seemed a bit Dependent too but she was just 4 months post... I felt for her, as a mommy toanother wheelie mommy. Kindafeel like I should email her or something.

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    She always seemed to be leaning over in her chair. I can't remember seeing her sitting up straight, she was always sort of folded over. Even at the table she looked like she was leaning on it. I don't know if that means anything.

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    I did a tv interview once. They seemed oddly fascinated by the few adaptations I have, like typing w/ my thumb knuckles. I guess the public must eat that stuff up. I didn't see the show but don't like the sound of her being more disabled than she should be. I hope that was just creative editing.

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