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Thread: constant UTI - help: desperate

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    Unhappy constant UTI - help: desperate

    i don't know what to do anymore. it seems like i am having symptomatic infections every 3-5 weeks. i take a course of antibiotics, it knocks of one bug, another grows in its place. in between i get yeast. i'm afraid to make plans to go anywhere because i never know when i will get another problem again. i use a foley b/c of lack of options due to high level injury.

    i have tried formalin bladder flushes, cranberry pills, vit c, urex, nothing seems to work. please, i am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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    Hi, Starlight - In the absence of any nonhygienic causing a problem (which I'm sure is not the case!), I'd maybe look in the direction of building up your general body immunity; sounds like maybe something's going on where you don't have enough immunity to fight off every bug that comes your way?

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    I don't know what the circumstances are for you- is it possible for you to do ICP for a period of time? A few months to get your bladder back on track?

    If not possible, take a look at what and how much you are drinking. Caffeinated beverages are not great for you. The same with any alcoholic beverage. Both of them dehydrate you. The best thing to dring is Water!

    I would also check your bowel program- is it well regualted. Constipation and diarrhea can lead to bladder infections.

    Hope that some of this works.


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    What's "working" for me.

    After a bout of sepsis nearly did me in, I got a new urologist who started me on daily gentamicin infusions. I put 60 cc in my bladder each morning before I remove my night-time foley and hold it there until my first ICP of the day. You can't get this stuff at Walgreens. It must be compounded. My bottle reads "C-GENTAMICIN 80mg/L IRR" It cut my UTI's from 30 a year to about 6 and my sepsis hospitalizations from 7/year to 2/year.

    It's helping but I still need a better answer to my issues. I've just posted looking for information on surgical options.

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    My husband seems to be in the same boat as you. Except for the yeast ~ hasn't had that problem yet. We do IC's ~ no foley.

    He also has tried everything and keeps getting infection after infection. Goes on an antibiotic, and before he's finished it's morphed into a different bacteria.

    Schmeky had a post about using cranberry extract, and someone else (can't recall who) posted about trying cream of tartar in water.

    My husband is in the process of trying both, after just coming off another round of CiproXL.

    I can't say whether it will work, but it's worth a try.

    (maybe someone can post the links to those threads, I don't know how).

    Good luck. Seems to be a very common problem for people with SCI. Some more than others.


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    Pets can be the cause of UTIs. I have a friend who has a cat, and the cat went everywhere in the house. It must have gotten on the sheets, cloths, wash cloths, etc., everything...she was getting infections one after another for years. She started getting them when they first got the cat, but the relationship between when she got the cat and when her infections increased so much didn't click in her mind for a couple years.

    So she kept the cat out of the areas where her clothes, sheets, supplies, wash cloths, etc are, and replaced all that stuff with new, and the UTIs almost disappeared overnight, whereas before she was getting one as soon as the antibiotics wore off of the one before.

    Don't know if it was the cat or not, but it sure as heck sounds like it to me.

    Something to think about....I do hope you can find relief, UTIs are such a hassle for folks with sci.
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    I was in the same situation as you one infection after the other and symptomatic so had to be treated with antibiotics. Even though I am still getting the odd infection now, mainly pseudomonis, I am no longer symptomatic and haven't had to take antibiotics for over 6months which is a record for me.
    I am unsure exactly why. The things that have been different in my life for a start has been the fact that only I have anything to do with the catheter. Because I was extremely ill I had to have so much help from nurses and my husband every day and so there is the exposure of other peoples bugs around. Also I have tried to build my immune system up with taking 6-8 capsules of fish oil a day and Mega Vitamin B.
    And lastly the thing I feel has been the biggest success has been taking the best quality apple cider vinegar and honey in a cup of hot water last thing at night. On doing a lot of research into natural antibiotics, apple cider vinegar has many and could be responsible for knocking out a lot of the bugs in the bladder.
    I tried all the normal things like cranberry tablets, d-mannose. colloidal silver, everything going and nothing worked.
    It has made such a difference to my life without UTI's.
    I can really sympathise with you and wish you the best of luck!

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    Starlight - take a look at the thread started by Schmeky
    Maybe something there can help.

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    For the last six months I've had UTI's constantly, would take course of antibiotics but they would return. I went to a new urologist and he said that I possibly have developed stones in my bladder. He sent me for x-rays and I had two stones. I had them removed, no more UTI's.
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    hey starlightangel,

    i used to get UTI's pretty often and i finally got a urologist. he wasn't sure what was going on and what not. anyways, long story short he asked me to stop drinking (i wasnt a big drinker maybe twice a month.) that was four years ago and i havent had a UTI since. he thinks that my liver was having problems processing the alcohol. i'm not sure if this helps you at all but it helped me. good luck.
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