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Thread: parking ticket advice. help!

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    parking ticket advice. help!

    Bit of a parking ticket problem I'd like some help with please... to make a short story long...

    Recently, I went to the wheelchair center for a meeting with my new DME (the manager of the location) and when we arrived we parked on the side of the building in a non-HC spot. The 2 HC spots at the facility are both directly in front of the door to the business which is located in a strip mall, both with their own cement graded cuts to access the shopping plaza. The area between the storefront and the street is minimal, and the lane separating all the other parking spots (facing the street and facing the storefront) is narrow, and since paratransit is often picking up and dropping off right at the door-we just decided to avoid the whole clusterfuck and park on the side.

    Right before I was finished with my meeting with my DME, I had a question about car transfers in rigid chairs vs folding chairs. So the manager asked if we had come in a car- and we rolled the 2 types of chairs out to the walkway so I could see if there would be any difference in how far 'in' I could get the manual chair to the open door before starting to transfer... aaaaaaaaaaaanyway- My friend Minnie decided to pull her car around to the HC spot since it was now late afternoon and the lot was much calmer than earlier, both spots were open, and the WC center was getting ready to close anyway.

    Now, I try to avoid parking in the HC spots with the spaces/lines next to them because I know that people with vans need them for their lifts, and both of these spaces had lines, but if I need to use it I will, and I did- so my friend pulled up into the space, hung my placard in her window, popped her hatchback (Pontiac Vibe) and opened her passenger door so we could see which style was easier to work with in and out of the car. When she pulled in, part of her car was parked on the lined sections, but as both sections provided their own access to the 'mall' and since we were all 3 in plain sight we didn't even think twice.

    Needless to say... we finish our mojo, close up the car- we start rolling chairs back inside, last person to roll inside is me. Minnie grabs her keys from inside and as she's walking out the door she's getting a $435 ticket for parking on the lines. The manager even made a comment similar to "She's not really getting a ticket, is she?" The lady must have been pulling up as we were rolling in the door. The parking lady was actually a snot... but we chose not to argue, just to ask for advice from other sources.

    I guess I'm just frustrated because I hardly ever use my placard unless I need to. Most of my car transfers happen in and out of a regular run of the mill parking spot. We didn't block anyone else access to the premises, the other HC spot was even open and in general, what are the rules for the lined areas? Also, is there any grey area to dispute this kind of ticket? I've sought advice from a cop friend of mine, and he suggested measuring the spaces because if they aren't up to spec they can get thrown out, but I'm pretty sure these are legit. I don't know if the WC Center is going to allow the Manager to write a letter or anything to verify that the car wasn't really left unattended...
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    You should go to court to fight the ticket.

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    In CA, if you park on the grid, even with a placard, the fine is the same as parking in the handicapped spot without a placard at all, and they don't cut any slack for the time of day or how busy the lot is. Your friend should not have parked in that area with your placard...that is a violation in CA too (the person the placard is issued to must be in the vehicle). Unfortunately I think she needs to pay up and chalk this up to bad judgement and a learning experience.


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    Well, I think that post #3 is pretty harsh! If it happened to me I would find out where to go, probably court, and explain the situation. Since you guys were using your friends car to practise or judge the transfers it would be logical to use the sticker while doing so. It seems to me that the purpose of the parking spots is to accomadate disabled fellow human beings and that was what was going down at the time. Best of luck to you.

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    Whoa, in Oklahoma $435.00 is a lot of money, that's all I know.

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    That is HORSHI!!
    Go to court and be polite to the judge as you explain the situation also noting the time and store owner's position on the action. If the judge is worth a crap it will get dismissed.
    I don't have a LOT of faith in our judicial system today but SOMETIMES it works...depends on the judge.
    Good luck, I'd pay in pennies if I was forced to cough it up.

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    I'm with the cap'n (except for the pennies LOL).
    When she goes in to court, you go with her as exhibit "A". Nothing to lose.
    - Richard
    p.s. My understanding also is that it indeed was illegal for more than one reason, as KLD said. Nevertheless I think there's a good chance to get it reduced if not thrown out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    In CA... Your friend should not have parked in that area with your placard...that is a violation in CA too (the person the placard is issued to must be in the vehicle).

    For real?

    Fight it and when you win, file a complaint on behalf of the dme- you as thier client (and on behalf of others) ...ticket lady deserves it on her record imo- she's too hardcore, should be focusing on true abusers.
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    I applaud the effort of the officer to an extent. If the vehicle was just on the line and no one was blocked, go to court and the judge should drop it. As everyone suggested, tell your story as it is quite different than a typical parking abuse story.

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    Fight it all the way! Up here people use the striped area as regular parking spots. Your were not abusing it. Your friend was not abusing it. You needed the area to demo chairs. It is a crock of SHEEET! If you ask me.

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