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Thread: infection ?

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    infection ?

    If you know u are getting an infection, like you can see signs, is there anyway to get rid of it on your own? Or is it when you see signs such as increased spacity is it too late and you need to get pills?? When is the point that the infection is out of your hands and you need to seek help?


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    shorty, hi. The most effective way that I know of preventing urinary tract infections is to drink plenty of fluids and wash the infection out. There have been reports that vitamin C, cranberry, mandelamine, and other materials that increase acidity of urine will also prevent or perhaps reverse urinary tract infections. These may help. If you are getting a fever, it suggests that the infection has mobilized your body's immune system. Antibiotics help reduce the number of bacteria and gives your body's immunological system some help in getting rid of the infection. Wise.

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    Drink as much green tea as possible. If you want more info let me know...Surfcat

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