NIPOMO, Calif. - At Holloway's Christmas Trees, they'll help cut down a tannenbaum, spray it with flame retardant and cover it in fake snow. They just don't do animal control.
A woman draping her tree with lights was bitten Sunday by a bat that had been nesting in the tree.
Sheila Kearns thought she had been scratched by pine needles, but discovered the bat on her wall the next day, looking like a medium-sized rat covered in white.
"The poor thing had been flocked because it was in my tree," she said, adding that the bat was probably hungry and exhausted from evading her cat all night.
Kearns bought her annual pine from Holloway's, a farm 20 miles south of San Luis Obispo.
"We encourage the bats because they get rid of the bugs, but we don't put them in the trees," owner Carl Holloway said.
Animal services took the bat, which tested negative for rabies, but Kearns was given a tetanus shot as a precaution.
San Luis Obispo County animal services manager Erik Anderson called it "a real fluke." He said it's much more common for a bat to fly down a chimney — like Santa Claus.
A Christmas visitor...LOL