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Thread: Christmas quandry

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    Christmas quandry

    Here's the scoop..

    I have a friend who has really stuck by me the past couple months during my .. ''ordeal''. She was my very best friend for years, but about a year and a half ago we stopped speaking for stupid, petty, childish reasons. When I got injured, she was one of the first ones there and for the five months since then she has been absolutely amazing. She visited more than any of my other friends and continues to today. Our falling out was never brought up and she treated me exactly as she had years ago.

    So, my question is this.. what should I get her for christmas? I really want to get her something meaningful that shows my appreciation, but having a hard time coming up with just that.


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    What about a piece of "friend" jewelry? A bracelet or a locket.
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    ...some kind of spa treatment...massage...facial...

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    I like the jewellery idea ... maybe a ring.

    A rock. No not a pet rock. A huge, gleaming, polished rock .. to show that she was your rock? Sometimes they sell huge opal rocks on Ebay that you can put on display. Some of them get up there in price!
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    A spa package would be nice, but I would lean toward something you can do together. How about a homemade gift certificate for dinner out with you at the best restaurant you can afford, with a note that spending the evening with her would be the best gift that she could give to YOU. At dinner, give a small memento that she can keep to remind her of your special friendship (a framed photo of the two of you together would be nice).


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