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Thread: CRPA Miracle-Victory Within Reach!

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    Re the Senate, nothing yet from the Hill. Can't find it on the internet. I have a bad feeling. I think we'd have heard if it passed. Either it was defeated in the Senate or they haven't gotten to it yet. Fingers still crossed.
    If it passed the House, I don't think it will make it to the Senate until tomorrow. I called yesterday to Senator Hutchison's office and they weren't expecting to get to some of what the House passed until Sunday. The Gulf of Mexico drilling bill which was more high profile passed Yesterday afternoon and I know they weren't getting it in the Senate until Sunday. So stands to reason that anything that happened late last night would not make it to the Senate till Sunday as well. The House record just look strange because it doesn't definitively showed that it passed. I hope "sent to Senate” is good.
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    I'm pretty sure "sent to Senate" means it passed in the House. But a lot of what seems logical to me means nothing at all up in their little special world, so who knows.

    You think I should order a plane ticket? Is the public allowed in for their midnight deliberations? I'm shocked they'd be working on Sunday. Although God knows they've had plenty of time off! I read in a magazine (I'll be honest, it was Rolling Stone) that Sen. Brownback hadn't missed one day of church at his home church in Topeka KS.
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    Leo, what does it say? I don't understand.

    I'm a lil bit flustered.

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    The CRPA passed in a Republican House. When it reached the Senate, it was reported to be held up by a couple of Senators. The Senate broke at 6 am today and the CRPA did not pass.

    Thanks everyone for your hard work.
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    They basically take a couple years off, pull an all-nighter, vote on this thing when they're running on bad moods and coffee? With NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON IN A WHEELCHAIR IN THE WHOLE FUCKING ROOM?


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    Deja vu all over again.

    HERE is the story from 2004.

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    Angry Senator Who?

    Is there any way we can find out who they were? Too angry to write anything just yet.

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    Do we know for a fact, that it was voted on in the Senate???
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    According to the Senate website, the only piece of legislation they worked on today was H.R. 6111.
    "Our lives begin to end the day
    we become silent about things that matter."
    - Martin Luther King Jr

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